#337 • 2 months agodone

I've made a mistake here. Can I have some help please?

What a good region

#335 • 2 months agodone

Hey, Just need some clarification with what I can and cannot move with water: Can I move items about 20 blocks with water or not? Thanks - Blaze

Dropped items are fine to move with water

#333 • 2 months agodone

unlcaimed build, dont want it to get destroyed

cheers, player hasnt been on in a while

#331 • 2 months agodone

how do i claim a region?

Have a look at /rhelp, or go to

#329 • 2 months agodone

Errorr is griefing my plot pls help

Removed the locks on doors/chests. Visit /rhelp for information on how to region your area.

#327 • 2 months agodone

Self_Slaughter Was using no slow and speed hax

Nothing to see here... move along.

#325 • 2 months agodone

I've got a chest here that has MaddyMay25's stuff in it from when they once died, it's been here for over 4 months and the player hasn't been online for around 1 month. I'm just wondering if I can get rid of the chest and items

Moved to their home

#323 • 2 months agodone

i turned the wrong horse into a zombie so if there is a way you can turn it back can you do it its name was sponge

Sorry, the change is permanent

#321 • 2 months agodone


Found it

#319 • 2 months agodone

there is a 1x1 cow wood tower

Leaving it there. Looks like it's a bit of a border marker

#317 • 3 months agodone

Kundufus has made this but it has not been regioned. Don't want them to be griefed if someone comes across it

yeh, too mutch sprawl, lore, we just keeps tabs on it

#315 • 3 months agodone

my rboots have disappeared, was wearing, (diamond lvl3 rocket, Health variant with self repair)

Couldn't find any errors about where they went. Check your post for a copy

#313 • 3 months agodone

why was i jailed? tell me.

#311 • 3 months agodone


IllegalD is silly

#309 • 3 months agodone

player's house has a dirtpole right next to my build

Put 1 piece of glass instead of all dirt to mark others players height.

#307 • 3 months agodone

My Turtle Helmet that was on my armor stand was stolen

Found on bekagaming468, who is a member of the region.

#305 • 3 months agodone

Area not regioned. Concerned for potential griefing with my tower being so close

Made some sort of region

#303 • 3 months agodone

someone has made a base and hasnt claimed it

Mail has been sent to the owner of the area.

#301 • 3 months agodone

I have died all of a sudden and it ends up i was lagging like crazy and i got a version mismatch error? please check my error logs :( Is it possible to ask for my stuff back for that?

No way to identify what items you had at time of death. The Nether is a dangerous place

#299 • 3 months agodone

hey a few people have been messing with apples build

Seemed like 2 blocks, griefed by other people. Regioned it

#297 • 3 months agodone

maybe some barrier blocks to stop people from running in the lava?


#295 • 3 months agodone

my diamond sword nearly fully enchanted is lost? Am I stupid or has it disappeared?

You didn't put it in a chest in the past day, and it's not in your inventory. Looks like you dropped it somewhere, which can't be tracked.

#293 • 3 months agodone

Was asked to send a mod request to set a Dwarp to the Shrine of the Last Shulker. I have it currently set to my name, but if you wanted to do something special with it, then go for it! I have left a sign on the communicty noticeboard about it.

Wrong information

#291 • 3 months agodone

hey at giggerbites build is this to many villagers ?

maybe a tad, will bump a few of the non good ones off

#289 • 3 months agodone

hey trying to plant seeds but saying there is a magical block even though i havent made one that i remember

BAM, and the magic is gone....

#287 • 3 months agodone

heyhey can this be removed a bit silly

they removed it

#285 • 3 months agodone

unclaimed wanna help the owner


#283 • 3 months agodone

hey was wondering if these two platforms can be removed or not ?

no worries

#281 • 3 months agodone

what would be the answer if i asked if i could get an account with spectator mode so i can make a video about the server?

thats a firm no sorry

#279 • 3 months agodone

Excuse me kind staff members of awesome. Would someone please be ever so kind to expand my ivorytower region down to y1 and up to y 255 please?

all yours Lore/with help from Roboto

#277 • 3 months agodone

maxi74x1 is destroying blocks in our area

See 275.

#275 • 3 months agodone

max747 is breaking blocks in out base

Sent a warning to the player, please region the space if you don't want it griefed.

#273 • 3 months agodone

hey can i get some help there is just some random claimed area underground where i am trying to build an aquarium

Not a random claim, you're just really close to someone elses build.

#271 • 3 months agodone

hey is this type of farm allowed ?

new grinder style, have disabled and in the do not build on server list

#269 • 3 months agodone

now that tinyblue is a donator she keeps teleporting into my house and placing chickens everywhere ive asked her not to many times but she continues to


#267 • 3 months agodone

someone killed my mooshrooms, now i only have one

creeper 2 - mushcow 0,

#265 • 3 months agodone

i think that IckisTj is cheating. if he has mod powers, ignore this but if not, hes hacking or something

definitely cheating. but is also a janitor with special powers. :)

#263 • 3 months agodone

finnsinclair is destroying our wheatfarm and brick wall and placing water in my base

warned player

#261 • 3 months agodone

can soemone please tp maxi74x1 away from me twice so he can't tp back

I have sent them a message. If they continue to hassle you, let us know and we'll look into it further.

#259 • 4 months agodone

there is a spelling error here on the sign.

Fixed, staff member has been taken out the back and shot

#257 • 4 months agodone

the event parkour not working

Correct, it's all disabled

#255 • 4 months agodone

Instructed to 'modreq' as I have been griefed :(

Could only find minor crop theft that has been rolled back. Please be more specific in the modreq next time.

#253 • 4 months agodone

unable to find chest, might it possible to somehow find it or trace it (I did /home it but then replaced another home)

Searched logblock and found a chest.

#251 • 4 months agodone

heyhey people have been taking stuff from this build because the chests were no locked or regioned

rolled back and regioned.

#249 • 4 months agodone

cant remove chest even from owner that placed it

chest removed. Have a good one. ;)

#247 • 4 months agodone

both of my dolphins disappeared.. they havent drowned because they have spots for air and i havent seen any loot. where did they go :(

Dolphines will despawn, accept in their natural habitat. They have gone back to the wild to be free. Sorry for the bad news. Have a good one ;p

#245 • 4 months agodone

my beacon keeps cutting out and I have to refuel it

Can not find the issue replaced beacon and loaded with emerald if this persists please modreq again. Have a good one. ;)

#243 • 4 months agodone

Somebody stole some of my placed wither skulls.

rollback area 5 heads replaced. Player branded Thief.

#243 • 4 months agodone

Somebody stole some of my placed wither skulls.

banned and rerolled

#241 • 4 months agodone

same as Dragonbait22 lost frames

Impossible to get from a backup

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