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#387 • 2 hours agodone

unregioned base in the middle of the ocean, please rg and notify whoever owns this place

CaratsRitzy regioned in players name

#385 • 2 hours agodone

Jeo, you left a chest here. Can you, like, remove it pls. Kthx


#381 • 8 hours agodone

I know this is probably pointless, but I just completeed 57 levels of Mob Arena and I forgot to clear my inventory so I didn't get the wither star from Wave 50, would it be possible if i could retrieve one, or is it my fault?

QuackersPlaysMC sorry what happens in MA stays there, so full inv. is your problem

#375 • 2 days agodone

One of my current homes (Home D) seems to have had a region put on it, and I no longer can access it, could you please let me know why that is as I used that home when I needed coral

#349 • 6 days agodone

User chests not privately locked, lots of valuables freely accessible

#333 • 2 weeks agodone

unlcaimed build, dont want it to get destroyed

cheers, player hasnt been on in a while

#317 • 3 weeks agodone

Kundufus has made this but it has not been regioned. Don't want them to be griefed if someone comes across it

yeh, too mutch sprawl, lore, we just keeps tabs on it

#291 • 1 month agodone

hey at giggerbites build is this to many villagers ?

maybe a tad, will bump a few of the non good ones off

#283 • 1 month agodone

hey was wondering if these two platforms can be removed or not ?

no worries

#279 • 1 month agodone

Excuse me kind staff members of awesome. Would someone please be ever so kind to expand my ivorytower region down to y1 and up to y 255 please?

all yours Lore/with help from Roboto

#271 • 1 month agodone

hey is this type of farm allowed ?

new grinder style, have disabled and in the do not build on server list

#269 • 1 month agodone

now that tinyblue is a donator she keeps teleporting into my house and placing chickens everywhere ive asked her not to many times but she continues to


#267 • 1 month agodone

someone killed my mooshrooms, now i only have one

creeper 2 - mushcow 0,

#263 • 2 months agodone

finnsinclair is destroying our wheatfarm and brick wall and placing water in my base

warned player

#167 • 4 months agodone

built house need it moved up to landscape in order to get 1

#88 • 5 months agodone

Touchabletiffany has been griefing me for the past few weeks, killing me both whilst i'm online and afk and kills all of my animals

player was banned for 2 days (TouchableTiffany)

#64 • 6 months agodone

Hiya, just curious if there are any server-side limitations when it comes to redstone? Got a little issue with something I'm making refusing to work :/

fixed it themselves, redstone issue

#58 • 6 months agodone

how long do i have to stay injail?

been longer than a tempban, let him out

#8 • 7 months agodone

Halp Tubs, I can't build the things

lesson 1