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#7591 • 2 weeks agodone

bit of a screw-up with my and another player's horse... will take some explaining, can someone mail me so i can start mailing them? modreq's are only 1 line.

Feel free to mail me about it. Please try to be concise.

#7588 • 2 weeks agodone

there's a possibility that someone whose account / password might be compromised, is about to be banned / blamed. ( q2g ). i suggest a trial period be given AFTER askign that he change his password.

#7513 • 2 months agodone

i screwed up! ... thought i'd found a mess of lava and whatnot somewhere, left by some kid just gong nutz placing lava going destructo...

I don't understand what this modreq is about. Please remake it with more details

#7465 • 4 months agodone

there's a problem with the water display at /hoe


#7457 • 4 months agodone

is the home command not working? i still can't get anything other than the teleport effect, and a listing of all my homes

Works fine for me

#7455 • 4 months agodone

agh! i just mistook 4 mcau balls for snowballs! threw em into lava! aaarg, my fault, but can i have 4 to compensate pls pls pls?

Dude no, this is not what modreqs are meant for.

#7433 • 4 months agodone

landfill/water-error / normalisation request? XYZ 314/64/752

regenerated area

#7425 • 4 months agodone

something weird was going on at about 4:45 AM,.. the shop and home command weren't behaving normally

#7367 • 6 months agodone

ive lost shop balance - i made a screenhot of my shop balance, 250$, on the 14th january, its only TWO WEEKS since then, but ive lost my shop balance, and shop (2)

Owning a shop costs $25 a day. $250 gets you 10 days. It's been 17 days since the 14th.

#7325 • 6 months agodone

my horse is stuck at spawn... near the spawnmaze shrine. difference between having to walk it and not taking it in at all, again... :P

Horse was bugged, spawned a new horse where you created the ticket.

#7323 • 6 months agodone

monsters spawn INSIDE the to-be-safe starting / teleport area, at dwarp jerichodiamond - is this allowable? i know one should expect monsters in the nether, but it's easily enough to accidentally-trap someone WHERE they expect to be safe.

It's fine.

#7315 • 7 months agodone

Logan-dan, has clearly regioned over a common area i have put a lot of effort into, and deliberately made non-regioned, so ppl can add things to it - it is not for owning. -270 / 76 / 650

Changed to a region with user0 group added to all users can play but not region over

#7299 • 7 months agodone

obvious over-lap/inconsiderate-claim. a friendly req. to logandan, 'd'be appreciated - 260.55/76.0/673.77 - the plan is here, to have a no-claims in the middle, sort of thing - under, aside, around, above, etc, but for ex. , the gates can't open!

Bradsoldier made the regions and was last on ~2 days ago. Have a chat with them first and remake this if you don't/can't sort it out together

#7257 • 7 months agodone

sorry that this might be being suggested via modreq... but have u guys considered this for the next map? [ ]

We don't use mods like this as it requires players to download and install something themselves. Also it looks like this mod is no longer being updated.

#7225 • 8 months agodone

add another if not multiple categories to shop types (armour (as well as weapons) ) , plants, showcase? cartography? enchanting? etc...

Please use the suggestions box at /spawn for these kinds of suggestions

#7219 • 8 months agodone

2nd ticket... oops! [ ]


#7213 • 8 months agodone

this isn't really a moderq, but you might want to note/pass-on, this URL - solution for no XYZ co-ords displayed when using F3. (in next modreq - needed space for the URL )

closed so you can open the 2nd ticket

#7134 • 10 months agodone

the floating snow display at the magic hoe building, is incomplete


#7102 • 11 months agodone

brodieniessen seems to've done some damage/greifing to quite obviously public amenities/facilities... paths, at least...

Rolled back and tempbanned

#7058 • 11 months agodone

apparent/possible mob-grinder at -220 , -20

Item sorter, nothing wrong with it.

#7054 • 11 months agodone

Alarm bell ringing! - would one not be able to use the structure block function, to duplicate expensive blocks? is this not open to exploitation? if so, (totally new to structure blocks), should you not have the mod, or make them not DROP!!

We can make the drop, as you need to be in creative, and have permissions to be able to use them.

#7028 • 1 year agodone

gation was uneccessarily aggressive before... about 4:30pm , +- >an hour ... i think he was in a kind of dissmissive of civility 'amongst-peers' , kind of mood, if u know what i mean, so maybe he wouldn't think much of it - CONTINUED...

Spoke with gation

#7019 • 1 year agodone

im not 100% sure, was only browsing, but is dr_zap's artmap innaproriate when all put together? a montage, image, i mean


#6986 • 1 year agodone

chatlog review request... player declaring he/others greifed... mon 10th/7/2017, 1:30PM approx - player pvpnanflakes, possibly with others

Tempbanned 3 for 30d

#6881 • 1 year agodone

waterfill function needed at xyz ;-425.95 / 60.000 / 751.85

#6878 • 1 year agodone

waterfill function needed at ;

Close requested by user.

#6791 • 1 year agodone

villger village just south of spawn, is villger-LESS ... all dead presuambly from a falling-in-&-dying, etc, spot or something

I don't see how this is modreq worthy. Please elaborate

#6773 • 1 year agodone

treefarm droppers aren't working, or are empty, or something

All appear to be working. Ensure you're standing closest, it may send the items to the closest player to the button, may have been someone else nearby.

#6710 • 1 year agodone

player with offensive name "sieg_heil_1945 , not yet banned

You can /ignore anyone you find offensive and never hear from them again.

#6494 • 1 year agodone

fish market is quite dim - a few torches pls

Bump up your brightness

#6442 • 1 year agodone

innapropriate content ... xyz -1628.041 , 92.93750, 2742.2


#6436 • 1 year agodone

MINOR cosmetic suggestion easily done quick... light above treefarm sapling machine - quite dark.

#6282 • 1 year agodone

my ignore of admiral_pie , was undone somehow

just /ignore him again

#6264 • 1 year agodone

lost about 6 chickens to a walking into a wall bug

Thanks for sharing Vurrath. Its a good thing chickens are cheap/easy to replace.

#6252 • 1 year agodone

minor hub-area map edit request... crawlspace roof-lowering at 64.660 / 64.000 / 457.218

Ticket request makes no sense

#6240 • 1 year agodone

telford, or someone logging in w his account, advocating/deomnstrating using xrays / giving advice about - 2:15AM , 28/Jan/17

#6216 • 1 year agodone

waterway obstruction / left behind temporary? dirt path -91.688 / 62.07326 / 610.686

Belongs to dragonbait. Its in his region. He can clean it up if he wishes.

#6156 • 2 years agodone

there's a pet stuck in a tomb ... zyx -1410.766 / 68.0000 / -1005.232

player the has claimed temple owns the animal

#6144 • 2 years agodone

basic cobblestone and basalt shopsigns aren't working in warp shop

All fixed up.

#6135 • 2 years agodone

animals / undead horses in spawn chicken farm

Removed the offending animals

#6132 • 2 years agodone

trippah being offensive / agggressive at 2:02 AM , 01/01/17

Ignore them with /ignore trippah and never be bothered by them again!

#6108 • 2 years agodone

my dogs have disspeared! no idea. there one minute, gone the next. 3, if you can.

Sent you mcauballs with wolves in them and some bones to tame them with

#6105 • 2 years agodone

innaproriate content ... xyz 44181.642 / 110.00000 / 4667.700

signs removed

#6054 • 2 years agodone

my dog is stuck in someone else's claim... XYZ ; 747.189 , 63.00 , 134.450

Problem solved amongst players #6057.

#5536 • 2 years agodone

offensive content by ~yddDj , 3:25 - 330 AM , approx , 03/06/2016...

You've taken it out of the context that he's used it.

#5510 • 2 years agodone

what's going on at shop 20? is it meant to be like that? looks like a trap to me...

not a Trap, Just a spawner/shop

#5500 • 2 years agodone

we're out of minecarts at the seaside markets rail junction undergroud