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#2650 • 2 years agodone

Fupery smell Need five words

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#7323 • 1 week agodone

monsters spawn INSIDE the to-be-safe starting / teleport area, at dwarp jerichodiamond - is this allowable? i know one should expect monsters in the nether, but it's easily enough to accidentally-trap someone WHERE they expect to be safe.

It's fine.

#7317 • 2 weeks agodone

could I please have a players furnace removed from daark64new as they haven't played in 6 months


#7313 • 2 weeks agodone

Is there a way to remove all the blocks placed by other players in a region? I would like 'dubblemegacave' to be promotion friendly

rolled back

#7309 • 3 weeks agodone

i have a little problem

#7299 • 3 weeks agodone

obvious over-lap/inconsiderate-claim. a friendly req. to logandan, 'd'be appreciated - 260.55/76.0/673.77 - the plan is here, to have a no-claims in the middle, sort of thing - under, aside, around, above, etc, but for ex. , the gates can't open!

Bradsoldier made the regions and was last on ~2 days ago. Have a chat with them first and remake this if you don't/can't sort it out together

#7297 • 3 weeks agodone

I seem to do this a bit for some reason, I accidently broke 4 blocks at Ama_Meus's 2 I replaced them. Would like a staff to clear my name out of the log block maybe by rollback... thanks

rolled back

#7283 • 4 weeks agodone

I think /headshop is broken

Seems to work for me. What problems were you having with it?

#7281 • 4 weeks agodone

Hi, I recently logged into MCAU to find my armor stand with gold armor was gone and all my chickens dead. Please help me out.

Lightning and a creeper are to blame

#7263 • 1 month agodone

I made a mistake! Over the weekend I mad a modreq assuming Nullivex stole 4 beacons. He only moved them in what appears to be a prank. I've placed a chest at this location of the cloned materials. Perhaps unban/unbrand Nullivex?

Unbranded and dupes taken. Ban can stay for inconveniencing us

#7257 • 1 month agodone

sorry that this might be being suggested via modreq... but have u guys considered this for the next map? [ ]

We don't use mods like this as it requires players to download and install something themselves. Also it looks like this mod is no longer being updated.

#7255 • 1 month agodone

drdoom2754 This guy has been griefing, he literally broke some of my build and broke into someone's house

rolled back and banned

#7253 • 1 month agodone

pls help me i need help noe

Please be more descriptive when making modreqs

#7251 • 1 month agodone

griefing and the theft of 4 beacons at this location by Nullivex.

Rolled back and banned

#7249 • 1 month agodone

i cant talk in chat! HELP!

I guess you fixed this

#7245 • 1 month agodone

ive been griefed my a player

Replaced dirt block. No punishment given.

#7243 • 1 month agodone

help me im im im

Please include more details that give us some idea of the problem

#7241 • 2 months agodone

i need to talk about something that happend three days ago

Unbranded. Don't make us regret it

#7239 • 2 months agodone

chests locked by Iysshyaku3 region

I've made a region over them with a higher priority. Should be able to access/move them now.

#7229 • 2 months agodone

Hello. I am CraftyMC1, About 4-5 months ago i asked to be superkicked as i havent had it happen in a while. I now cannot join MCAU logged into acount CraftyMC1 as my game crashes. Help.

Try reinstalling your game.

#7227 • 2 months agodone

Excuse me, is there any way to remove the tag I've been given? Also, will I be gimped for life?

It will be removed eventually if you behave.

#7225 • 2 months agodone

add another if not multiple categories to shop types (armour (as well as weapons) ) , plants, showcase? cartography? enchanting? etc...

Please use the suggestions box at /spawn for these kinds of suggestions

#7215 • 2 months agodone

verbal griefing iggy050105 is being a bully he keeps trying to kill me and he took my enchanted diamond sword

#7213 • 2 months agodone

this isn't really a moderq, but you might want to note/pass-on, this URL - solution for no XYZ co-ords displayed when using F3. (in next modreq - needed space for the URL )

closed so you can open the 2nd ticket

#7211 • 2 months agodone

keeps killing me and i tell him to stop and he wont

Tempbanned Iggy and Avatar for 12hrs. Please region your things (/rhelp)!

#7203 • 3 months agodone

here it is alloy shark

Looks like the area's been rolled back. Please get in touch with jeoboogie, as he was the last to deal with this.

#7191 • 3 months agodone

Hello, I have footage of sofiabertelsen using possible xrays and being a right ass to players in chat. If you wish for me to send you the footage please /mail me or send me a PM on Discord at #4019. Cheers!

Thanks for the heads up

#7187 • 3 months agodone

i need an adult, signs are invisible for me? :(

#7154 • 3 months agodone

ToddChavez wrote Penis in the sand need Typo_0's build what should be done as he/she is not on coords are x 1063 z 1080

filled it in

#7034 • 6 months agodone

madlock96 and iamjay6 have built on and around my build.

rolled back

#7031 • 6 months agodone

Someone has griefed my house by filling with wood stairs and blocks.

rolledback and tempbanned

#7028 • 6 months agodone

gation was uneccessarily aggressive before... about 4:30pm , +- >an hour ... i think he was in a kind of dissmissive of civility 'amongst-peers' , kind of mood, if u know what i mean, so maybe he wouldn't think much of it - CONTINUED...

Spoke with gation

#7025 • 6 months agodone

Griefed, very small but took my armour stand with chainmail helmet and gold boots

blown up by tnt

#7022 • 6 months agodone

Hey, can you expand my region? I'm building a two, and i dont want to be griefed, there'll be co ords

Done. /rg info wintereon2

#7019 • 6 months agodone

im not 100% sure, was only browsing, but is dr_zap's artmap innaproriate when all put together? a montage, image, i mean


#6995 • 6 months agodone

my shulker box was also taken

rolled back

#6992 • 6 months agodone

crops have been griefed by The_Ice_King

You fixed it, they're already banned

#6983 • 7 months agodone

items are missing from my buy chests at my dwarp am I doing something wrong?

I'd say someone probably bought them!

#6980 • 7 months agodone

my items to the chest from the hopper thing isnt working ive tried doing /chopper on to all of the chests and ive asked the chat and they dont know what to do

#6977 • 7 months agodone

I lost my cockatiel when I was in the End (it didn't warp back with me when I came back)

New one spawned

#6974 • 7 months agodone

Ive tried everything even getting help from the server but my dogs won't tp away from jerichos dwarp :(.

Could only see 1 dog. Killed it and spawned a new one at your home 'home'

#6968 • 7 months agodone

I've found a spudsploit, if a villager plants a crop mcmmo counts it as a non-player planted crop and herbalisim will apply multipliers prior to the final growth stage. cheers

You get mcmmo xp from breaking crops. Doesn't matter who/what plants them

#6956 • 7 months agodone

griefing and my place: Doug_TheExplorer; destorying oak block

Rolled back, already banned

#6956 • 7 months agodone

griefing and my place: Doug_TheExplorer; destorying oak block

remove them,

#6953 • 7 months agodone

There's an afk fish farm by xaussienannh here


#6950 • 7 months agodone

this is my mob spawner. the spiders only spawn when someone is here and i can kill the fairly quickly. is this ok to have??? i really hope it is and if not plz tell me a way to be able to make this possible. thx.

Not ok. Sent you a message on discord with why.

#6944 • 7 months agodone

heyhey could i get some help with magic hoe blocks that wont go away please

Telf did the thing

#6941 • 7 months agodone

Hey, just found a large place made by Durgon34cookie that is unregioned at -1903.5 -2149. Looks like a lot of effort put in, don't want it griefed.

We can roll back damage if it gets griefed, it's the owners responsibility to region it

#6929 • 7 months agodone

Hi, I did not give chuckxero permission to build right next to my house and yet he has built a house in the trees (looks really ugly) and I would like it removed, thanks!

Bec did the thing

#6926 • 7 months agodone

Beacon was Griefed by bubbasweat

Already banned for xrays. Left a comment on their rap

#6923 • 7 months agodone

heyhey is this chicken thing allowed ?

Not really. Water removed.