Last Requests Made (3)

#137 • 4 months agodone

Multiworld test test test test


#137 • 4 months agodone

Multiworld test test test test


#2 • 7 months agodone

Test modreq please ignore :)


Last Requests Closed (42)

#383 • 4 hours agodone

if you go to a shop while spectating mob arena, you teleport into the arena not being able to do anything

#377 • 10 hours agodone

I can't light this beacon with my fireballs

Have you tried licking it?

#337 • 2 weeks agodone

I've made a mistake here. Can I have some help please?

What a good region

#315 • 3 weeks agodone

my rboots have disappeared, was wearing, (diamond lvl3 rocket, Health variant with self repair)

Couldn't find any errors about where they went. Check your post for a copy

#313 • 3 weeks agodone

why was i jailed? tell me.

#305 • 4 weeks agodone

Area not regioned. Concerned for potential griefing with my tower being so close

Made some sort of region

#299 • 1 month agodone

hey a few people have been messing with apples build

Seemed like 2 blocks, griefed by other people. Regioned it

#297 • 1 month agodone

maybe some barrier blocks to stop people from running in the lava?


#285 • 1 month agodone

unclaimed wanna help the owner


#259 • 2 months agodone

there is a spelling error here on the sign.

Fixed, staff member has been taken out the back and shot

#257 • 2 months agodone

the event parkour not working

Correct, it's all disabled

#241 • 2 months agodone

same as Dragonbait22 lost frames

Impossible to get from a backup

#239 • 2 months agodone

missing a heap of picture frames and items

Impossible to get from a backup

#233 • 2 months agodone

Hello, don't worry if its a pain, but is it possible to check the logs to see why the cows I had here dissapeared?

Pesky weather and it's lightning

#231 • 3 months agodone

any way i could get teleported to one of my regions? i accidentally named one of my /home s the same thing as the one that was set for that region. thanks!


#229 • 3 months agodone

my rocket boots are broken? :( it was after posting it to a friend

Never post Rocket boots. Contacted to find out what boots they are. Have a good one ;)

#229 • 3 months agodone

my rocket boots are broken? :( it was after posting it to a friend

Removed the Postal lore line, should work now

#221 • 3 months agodone

i accidently deleted a home it was called island

Teleported player to location

#217 • 3 months agodone

can't turn on mob-spawning deny - says i dont have permission

Flag permissions were always a rank [1] thing, now added for donor[0] and user[1]

#215 • 3 months agodone

heyhey i claimed this area to stop bigboystalin stealing again can ownership be transfered to whoever owns it all ?

#213 • 3 months agodone

this place was griefed All animals killed

Rolled back animals, good to see you've regioned it now.

#203 • 3 months agodone

keeps building in my areas

Platform removed

#201 • 3 months agodone

i've been griefed after not being on in a while

Rolled back and created region 'emwolb_'

#197 • 3 months agodone

i am requesting a promotion to the dank position of (1)

Use /promotion

#191 • 3 months agodone

admin can you please find out who place the furnace here please and what should i do, i want to share the place but scare who ever put the furnace here gonna claim it

Furnace removed

#163 • 4 months agodone

Are you allowed to make machines like automatic sugarcane farm or redstone melon farm?

See Alloy's response to your Discord message

#149 • 4 months agodone

In addition to my pervious modreq /lb has shown Heyitsheidi and lil_evil_devil 'stealing' removing items from my chests

Rolled back and tempbanned Heidi. devil is already permabanned

#147 • 4 months agodone

I have had HeyItsHeidi claim and lock one of my chests and possibly stolen all the cobble out of all my chests. I cant access one of these chests as Hedi has locked it

See 149

#145 • 4 months agodone

I lost my gree shulker

Cannot locate

#143 • 4 months agodone

Hi, can you please move cheeto's chests, ty -Gigs

#141 • 4 months agodone

Hey, wanted to claim some land that's already claimed but it looks like nobody is using it.

Made a region

#139 • 4 months agodone

i lost my house and cant teleport back to it

#136 • 4 months agodone

notice the super pick use is not working (shift-right click)

works for me

#132 • 4 months agodone

somebody stole my fences and im scared my villagers will die

Rolled back

#106 • 5 months agodone

my paintings are playing up, everytime I try to break them there's an error with LWC and it says I have to contact an admin

Should be good now... Had to remove all LWC stuff again

#104 • 5 months agodone

is an adult able to pretty please get rid of the staff shenanigans here? (bedrock and water)

I only saw bedrock

#102 • 5 months agodone

can an adult please remove the bedrock here that selfie trolled me with? :p thank you!

Permabanned self

#76 • 5 months agodone

the warp shop wont let me sell my cobble!

Need to have 64 to sell any. Left click to sell

#66 • 5 months agodone

Could I please have a megaregion for my build, thanks

Make a region, check it's alright

#62 • 6 months agodone

Can I pretty please be unbanned from Discord, I will not swear again

Pretty sure I unbanned you two days ago

#6 • 7 months agodone

The button to warp to the docks at spawn can't be used.

Should be good

#4 • 7 months agodone

Tunnels in need of lighting updates.

Should be good