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#6180 • 2 years agodone

Fup - /warp east is currently at /warp west - from Iyss


#6102 • 2 years agodone

Game 'persistence' in event apparently impossible to complete - review?

Yeah that mingigame isn't finished but is left open because people enjoy it anyways.

#4225 • 2 years agodone

Rocket boot station griefed + Emilyelsa needs this regioned to stop further griefing. Thanks

#4065 • 2 years agodone

Hey! Is it possible to get a mega region for this w/ no entry perms? Thanks!

#3773 • 3 years agodone

LuukeeyM8 and Cannabidiol have created some dick statues O_o

#2892 • 3 years agodone

Tenaciouss griefed this spot here :)

#2546 • 3 years agodone

Hey guys, Cocuswood griefed and stole my moo cows I didn't get the chance to move. Opps.

#2454 • 3 years agodone

Hey all, have an attempted grief for you. Luckily my shop is regioned! Thanks!

#2449 • 3 years agodone

Hey! Am I supposed to see red flashy particles around the area I just regioned? :S

#2423 • 3 years agodone

hey staff, someone griefed my friends fort. Can someone come check it out, please? :)

#2403 • 3 years agodone

can someone pretty please expand my region for my [3] build? :3

#2361 • 3 years agodone

can someone make my enchanting table public, pretty please? :3

#2332 • 3 years agodone

attempted grief - ploting out area to steal. Thought you should know, thanks!

#2284 • 3 years agodone

Hey! Sapling Dispenser isn't working, thought you should know! Thanks! :)

#2187 • 3 years agodone

I accidentally chopped half a tree down which was in someones region, help? Please? D:

#2120 • 3 years agodone

can someone help me make my enchanting table public? Thanks!

#2119 • 3 years agodone

hey guys someone griefed my underground railway can someone roll it back? Thanks!

#2014 • 3 years agodone

it and see what the staff can do :)

#1938 • 3 years agodone

player testing my regions to grief or otherwise. Thought i should report it just in case :)

#1915 • 3 years agodone

Hey, can you guys update my regions for me? It isn't showing all of them. Thanks!

#1796 • 3 years agodone

someone has majorly griefed my house. Can someone fix it please?

#1606 • 3 years agodone

Hi guys, I accidentally mined through someones house thingy. Can someone help? Thanks!

#1476 • 3 years agodone

Deleted my home! Can you teleport me to X-3514, Y-2038? Thanks!

#882 • 4 years agodone

Haalp, I accidentally broke the sign at warp treefarm!

Last Requests Closed (50)

#7467 • 3 months agodone

um ive had this griefer thing longer than i should have had it for can ione of u pls remove it

Hi, grief brands typically do not get removed until the brand has been in place for approx 30 days. Please be patient. If you do not offend again, the brand will be gone in no time! Thanks!

#7431 • 4 months agodone

Hello. For about 6, 7 or 8 months I have not been able to connect with my other acount CraftyMC1 , My game just crashes and its only on MCAU. I got banned on another one of my acounts and was not aware what I did was breaking rules. I was told it

Hi Blockhead, I checked this accounts rap to find that this account has been permabanned for the following reason: repeated bans + xrays. If you feel this result is unfair, please head to to log a forum appeal

#7359 • 6 months agodone

I've made some artmaps but when I was trying to retrieve them after editing them a bit I lost one, you can see it in the artmap gallery but if you could somehow get it back that'd be great thx

Done and dusted!

#7353 • 6 months agodone

I put artmaps of the reaper into the chest to sell close it and they keep going back into my inventory. HULP!

Didn't fix the replicating issue, but I did replace the damaged maps :)

#7345 • 6 months agodone

Could an Admin please dispose of the dogs at Jericos Nether spawning warp there are some in lava at the bottom as well. Ty

Couldn't find any trace of the dogs at the wither spawner or surrounds. Death by fire, perhaps?

#7341 • 6 months agodone

did the recipe for an uber hoe and got a super hoe in return

Created an uber hoe for you to replace the faulty one. I don't want to send it via post in case it gets damaged. Chat to me when you are online next and I'll pass it over :) Thanks!

#7339 • 6 months agodone

spawnmaze button not working insert added words here

We are aware the checkpoints are not working. A sign has been placed to warn players. Please let me know if this modreq wasn't referring to the checkpoints. Thanks! Rebecca

#7197 • 9 months agodone

I want to talk about the recent ban

Player was banned, thanks for your message of concern :)

#7181 • 9 months agodone

Could I please get my region "lorestorage" expanded by 15 in each direction except up please? (the northern end may cause a clash with my loreice region)

Your wish is my command <3

#7165 • 9 months agodone

Griefing at x 571 y64 z706 by 3 players ProdigyAU Beevee98 and Horsegirl243.

Re-regioned your build and punished the griefers! :D

#7132 • 10 months agodone

Lava-involving chicken farm, with a super quick clock.

Chicken cooker destroyed. Mobs cannot be kept in such close proximity. Will notify owner. Thanks!

#6824 • 1 year agodone

so i am making a region with //wand but i claim with it's chosen name, but it doesn't work. Help?

New regions created 'theloop' and 'theloop2' for future reference type /myregions for a list of your regions :)

#6806 • 1 year agodone

are players allowed to ask staff to use worldedit to clear large areas. I.e. I need loads of water cleared, legal?

You can ask, but the answer would likely be no. We don't clear land for players, sorry!

#6797 • 1 year agodone

i need tips for my [2]

Modreq are not designed for this purpose. Please ask a staff member or another player in chat for advice when you are online next.

#6791 • 1 year agodone

villger village just south of spawn, is villger-LESS ... all dead presuambly from a falling-in-&-dying, etc, spot or something

I don't see how this is modreq worthy. Please elaborate

#6686 • 1 year agodone

hacking to use exploit land

Staff made this. Don't worry about it

#6686 • 1 year agodone

hacking to use exploit land

More like exploiting the sky.

#6612 • 1 year agodone

i cant place potatoes for some reason

you need to place a torch in the corner to give the potatoes more light

#6612 • 1 year agodone

i cant place potatoes for some reason

Fixed trees, warned player

#6600 • 1 year agodone

Howdy, i sold a bunch of fish at the fish market and got no currency for it

server sorted itself out :)

#6576 • 1 year agodone

I have been griefed by SavageRavage and __Niggle__

Players tempbanned and area rolled back :)

#6574 • 1 year agodone

almost all my cows are gone i have two left for some reason can u explain and maybe replace them?

Player tempbanned and cows to be restored.

#6562 • 1 year agodone

Could i please have my rg "Vill_Bree" expanded west 1 block?

We conquered the //expand function. All sides have been protected. We are victorious!

#6554 • 1 year agodone

Megaminer_Jnr stole a hopper from by base. Can i get it back

Hopper rolled back. Please region your things - go to /rhelp for how to do this.

#6542 • 1 year agodone

My rboots are saying 'you ran out of wood for your rboots' but my jacket is full of oak wood. I've taken them on and off as well as logged out and back in again and they are still giving me the same message. Can someone help me please?

We fixed it somehow. Don't overload the jacket with wood for now :P

#6430 • 1 year agodone

rhysdm, he broke my friend's floor, bed, cauldron, flowoers (orchids} flower pots and carpet. thank you

Done and dusted

#6424 • 1 year agodone

TheEvilPig101 will not get off my land delete his home and remove his stuff {furnace crafting chest ect}

All sorted ^_^

#6412 • 1 year agodone

Sorry, I'm not sure if my promotion request came through or not

It has indeed - someone will look at it asap :)

#6258 • 1 year agodone

The mod "schematica is being used on this server by some players. It has the ability to build entire structures for the players using it.


#6138 • 2 years agodone

Armor stand and gold armor gone from build he was a statue in my build before I regioned it>

Done and dusted! :D

#6129 • 2 years agodone

lost my plot, could I be tp'd back plz?

do you have coordinates? Or did you region this area?

#6090 • 2 years agodone

i set my home away from my house, is there anyway i can undo it?

if you know the location of your house type /delhome [name] and reset it :)

#6084 • 2 years agodone

shut up idiot you werdio


#6075 • 2 years agodone

hey! is there a [4] rank? I finished my build and i thought, should just try for it :)

Currently there is only up to level 3. Fantastic build btw :)

#6066 • 2 years agodone

my house was griefed by Dragon_Master221 he destroyed my walls

Grief rolled back

#6024 • 2 years agodone

stolen bed in the lower wooden area ahead, stolen paintings too, if im on seek my direction

Jeo acquired your gear. Player was banned for griefing :)

#6018 • 2 years agodone

i changed my username and so I cant delete my region

Region removed :)

#5994 • 2 years agodone

I'd like to be promoted

type /promotion at the location of your build and i'll be right over :)

#5970 • 2 years agodone

I accidently destroyed a skellie spawner - any chance I could 'get it back?

Sorry, we can't do that

#5942 • 2 years agodone

I want to remove a chest placed by someone else

Chest removed as requested :)

#5702 • 2 years agodone

please help im a host of a race and batman is arguing about he won but he did not

This isn't a staff matter

#5700 • 2 years agodone

XPlasmaPulse poor sportmanship in a race

This isn't a staff matter.

#5698 • 2 years agodone

I cant speak in global

You can speak in global, you said 'hello'

#5694 • 2 years agodone

Hello, can you please remove these chests. They are in my plot.

Chests removed and items incinerated :)

#5678 • 2 years agodone

someone has griefed me and 3 other friends treehouse

Player banned/branded - please region your things!

#5676 • 2 years agodone

FamedCat212367 has stolen one of my banners from my house

I cannot locate the missing sign, when online could you point me to it? Thanks!

#5670 • 2 years agodone

My region flag to stop snow falling :^(

Snow denied

#5642 • 2 years agodone

How do I change my greeting message when I log in?


#5642 • 2 years agodone

How do I change my greeting message when I log in?


#5636 • 2 years agodone

RebeccaG1995 broke some kid's stuff that counts a griefing4sure ;P

Totes not :3