Last Requests Made (20)

#6189 • 11 months agodone

Do we care about cleaning up floating islands like where I am now?

If they're ugly ones, in obvious places - yeah, sure.

#6171 • 11 months agodone

Just testing modreq. I'll claim it.

Done as.

#6150 • 11 months agodone

Who can set the warp from the thinker sign here in showcase to her build - 3062,74,4293?


#5954 • 1 year agodone

User CharmainesWorld changed name from shazer123. Need to change region ownership.

#5874 • 1 year agodone

I assume KillerBlizzard should be banned for the signs here? Keeps avoiding me by logging of

rip in peace

#5224 • 2 years agodone

Jsut a note that Bayden_04 has had fun running through my crops and breaking them

Rolled back and tempbanned.

#5155 • 2 years agodone

Assume this is general knowledge but /afk doesn't work atm.

Cheers for letting us know.

#5026 • 2 years agodone

Any chance of expanding my region jeoisland up to lvl 120 or even just 0 - 255? 3 build*

Done :) Good luck with the build!

#4785 • 2 years agodone

Is there any way to track disappearing rocket boots? 3 times in a week off my feet?

#4752 • 2 years agodone

Am I able to get back the saved artmap dg2_2 onto a canvas?

#4129 • 2 years agodone

As per my convo with BGR, please expando jeo_temple out to 2687,4000 from 2687,3984

#4101 • 2 years agodone

Honeybagder seems to be busted. Xpbank works but not /honeybadger

#3973 • 2 years agodone

Could someone expand my region farmboy_dome down to lvl 50 and up to 130? Rg is for FJ build

#3337 • 2 years agodone

What chance do I have of getting the monstrosity in front of me regioned in 1 region?


#3301 • 2 years agodone

Could someone kindly extend the region jeotemple2 down to level 31?

#2838 • 2 years agodone

Dingbat Maddogrfc_100 broke a bit of my house


#2787 • 2 years agodone

Getting "Worldedit does not appear to be installed" doing a /fixtree.

#2553 • 2 years agodone

Cheeky sod Cheakystar grabbed a rod I was giving to Flame_Rx and logged off

#1842 • 3 years agodone

I need help destroying 2 items which won't break.

#1786 • 3 years agodone

Decided to change my Mojang acct name. Now can't touvh region /locked items

Last Requests Closed (50)

#7265 • 3 days agodone

can someone please unsilence me, after i was unjailed they've never unsilenced me. Plus i'm trying to contact my other friend playing on the server.

#7261 • 4 days agodone

i've been jailed for 3 months now, may i please be unjailed

Unjailed and warned that a long ban is coming if misbehaves again

#7217 • 1 month agodone

i cant get back to my old house i had it set to home and it wont let me back beacause o set a hnew home]

House found

#7199 • 1 month agodone

someone is building cobble stone paths through my land, they have built within my walls

Cyrater to sort out the crap with his friends or they get banned

#7195 • 1 month agodone

Someone claimed over my place please help

Remove region and Bec ended up banning coz Pork Chop

#7100 • 3 months agodone

User Rakja stealing chestfulls of items from hoppers. anyway to lock hoppers or should I just cover em up?

Mailed Rakja and told him to return the items to Self_Slaughter. Final warning.

#7079 • 4 months agodone

IM having trouble with someones region

Removed AngusWorl's region as he has apparently said he is building elsewhere. Will put back if Anugus says this is not the case

#7066 • 4 months agodone

afk fish farm and crop mini farm here

Broke auto fish farm and put up a sign to not do it again

#7064 • 4 months agodone

i made a enchanted shovel right where i am now... 'home c' but when my armor stand broek it dissapeared. please help!

Just make another one Bunz.

#7049 • 4 months agodone

2 armor stand with fuel jacket and boots gone tried farmland with no results.

Creeper did it

#6818 • 6 months agodone

hey, how would I go about applying the 'interact' flag on my region 'gation dwarp'? It needs to be expanded for the sheep again or a new one. Is there a way?

Set interact flag in region to allow sheep to be sheared

#6785 • 7 months agodone

Two armor stand are missing I have not been in my shop all day could you please take a look for me. They were trapped inside the quarts stairs with diamon armor pants and gold hat. Regards Tezden

So 4 armour stands were killed by skeletons on 26/5 - 7:30pm. Is that them?

#6782 • 7 months agodone

hey i have been using /al ll 15 but it is only lighting one or two blocks

Looks ok to me - lighting up about the same as a torch. Ping me (jeo) at night to show me.

#6770 • 7 months agodone

game what let me rename bowls in an anvil :(

Renaming a bowl in anvil works fine. Got a player to test it and all good.

#6620 • 7 months agodone

Can't open my hold chest.

it helps if you make the modreq at your chests

#6620 • 7 months agodone

Can't open my hold chest.

Roboto has fixed up your busted hchest. Happy chesting.

#6614 • 7 months agodone

FawnScorpion621 Several offences of half cut donw trees

Fixed trees, warned player

#6610 • 8 months agodone

would it be too much to ask for replacement rocket boots (which apparently get ruined in post)

Made a replacement pair

#6606 • 8 months agodone

the_attack_wog is using offensive language

Yep, we know. Just came on to sort it out.

#6598 • 8 months agodone

Can you please fix MrFroons cactus? It broke from a chunk update request when I was selling to him.

Put cactus back in place but looks like sign update does a chunk update and cactus breaks

#6540 • 8 months agodone

is there a problem with the colourtags?

Told them to relog and fixed

#6522 • 8 months agodone

Hi Mod, 3 copies of my 'bench' artmap vanished along with their item frames. I was sober last night, so I doubt that I had anything to do with it. I just need a copy of it so I can replace them. Thx

Put 3 copies in the right hand chest next to the easel - first slot

#6520 • 8 months agodone

my art is going blank even though I painted it and saved it and now my easal is saying x{=}x and the easal is not showing. Paintings that have been sold are going blank as well

Tezden will repaint, will let Roboto know.

#6516 • 8 months agodone

blackring_00 needs a kick and ban, racist messages in chat.


#6514 • 8 months agodone

When is /mchest coming back? I have tons of sand I want to sell.

There is no plan for the return of mchest

#6484 • 8 months agodone

Is buying stuff from cheap shops then selling it to more expensive shops illegal?

Yes, exploiting shop pricing is illegal

#6476 • 8 months agodone

trying promotion but region im in isnt mine, but it is

Explained //expand and //contract

#6466 • 8 months agodone

1st of all, i wasn't asked to 'stay out' of an arguement, infact i asked that it be conducted via private chat. 2nd i was blocked for at least 30 minutes. 3rd voicing concern about the actions of an over zealous mod should NOT be considered a waste

Just drop it.

#6420 • 9 months agodone

CraftyMc1 keeps un lighting me on fire when im fishinf

Frivolous modreq. Don't do it again.

#6406 • 9 months agodone

hi jeo replied to my last modreq while I was offline. It said that he had put a copy of the painting "diagnew1" in my inv. But it was not there. Perhaps because my inv was full?

Artmap back in quiver's hands

#6404 • 9 months agodone

hello mod person, my painting 'diagnew1' vanished, I'd really like a copy of it so I can reproduce it. Thank You mod person

Painting is now in your inventory

#6390 • 9 months agodone

Small amount of griefing please help

Can't find any griefing unless you are talking about the water? Just fill it back up.

#6249 • 11 months agodone

What is the command to set my join/quit message? Thanks.

Just ask something that basic in chat.

#6228 • 11 months agodone

my horse is stuck... /sm teleport wont work and i've tride pushing him out

Reloading chunk fixed horsie issue

#6171 • 11 months agodone

Just testing modreq. I'll claim it.

Done as.

#6021 • 1 year agodone

i need an adult pls i'm not able to make rocket boot things :(

#5991 • 1 year agodone

this horse farm is unregioned. just trying to do my bit :)

Nothing needs to be done

#5988 • 1 year agodone

my rocket boots aren't working why?

Seems renamed RB means they are dead. Woring out how it happened.

#5952 • 1 year agodone

i recently changed my minecraft name and now im unable to go into my home because of signs

#5872 • 1 year agodone

i had a sheep despawn for my farm and i only had 2 mind respawning one in for me?

Was nice and provided a sheep

#5858 • 1 year agodone

I Bought Donator But It Says I Didn't

Told them to email Rob

#5800 • 1 year agodone

ullarah is a staff power abuser

Zandros is silly

#5794 • 1 year agodone

what happened to friday ng??

#5776 • 1 year agodone

Has god mode been disabled

Mailed him

#5720 • 1 year agodone

Hey, I would like a bigger rg please help

No expand unless she can show a decent build

#5706 • 1 year agodone

my horse is stuck inside a banned player's claim (trohanmland)

Relog fixed

#5584 • 2 years agodone

my fuel station wont let me place down the fuel jacket... shop 28

Covered for Ull

#5576 • 2 years agodone

helllpppp my rocket boot repair isnt working!!

Iyssden fixed it somehow :)

#5574 • 2 years agodone

What command do I use to see when the last time a player was on?

#5568 • 2 years agodone

Quick question why am I not allowed to enter a area im standing in right now?

Explained that Ullarah's lab is closed off to players.